What is Grandma Camp? It is an event that your grandchildren look forward to each year. It is a memory that you create from scratch! It is low cost, educational, and fun!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bowling and "Chopped"


 This year my daughter had the idea to add a "Chopped" challenge. Everyone brought an assigned food item and then a 'surprise' ingredient was added to the mix. We divided into 3 groups. One group headed downstairs to use the wii, another in the kitchen to start the appetizer, and the third in the garage to use another wii out there.

We use one Wii in the heated garage and one in the basement so everyone can finish.

The first "Chopped" challenge was the appetizer using: bacon,
 green onions and apricot jam. The
surprise ingredient was Ritz crackers.
The main dish was Hawaiian meatballs on rice with asparagus
that was topped with , what else, Ritz cracker crust

The third group (appetizer) is in the kitchen cooking. 

He is convinced he is doing the bowling
Grandpa "plugging in" the power so Boston can bowl

His first trophy!

High series, high game children, children under 12, high game over 12, high game women, high game men.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's in the Book?

The book is meant to be an aid to you as you plan and carry out a great camp for the grandkids! There are several pages of instructions that give you some guidance on things you may not have thought of such as a grab an go bag and medical permission forms. There are planning pages to guide you.
I plan my camps around a different theme each year. I have shared 12 different themes. There are instructions for take home crafts, invitations, meal suggestions and a sample schedule of activities.

There are tons of activities for each theme.

All the ideas can be shortened for a birthday party or added to or stretched out for a reunion or longer camp.
The book is 8 1/2  x 11, with spiral binding so that you can photocopy the patterns for crafts and invitations.
In short, I have planned your camp or you!
The themes are:
  • Actors
  • Candyland and cooking school
  • Cowboys
  • Dinosaurs
  • Olympics
  • Outdoors
  • Pirates
  • Secret Agents
  • Theme Park (Grandma Land)
  • Under The Sea
  • Wild Safari
  • Young Astronaut

How we do Birthdays

Dru got her first baby doll from Grandma
and Grandpa

Aunt Andy read Reese the book that Aunt Bristy
 gave her that is personalized with her name.While Grandpa holds her a she layed on the pillow and pillowcase Grandma made.

 Every grandchild gets a one-of-a-kind homemade pillowcase with a new pillow from Grandma and Grandpa, with a little cash or gift inside. The pillowcases are to be saved and then the usable part will be made into  a quilt for that grandchild when they graduate high school. We will see if Grandma actually follows through!

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Siblings arealways willing to help blow out the candles

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day Two

The knights and ladies slept well in the castle (tent) after watching "The Sword and the Stone". Dinner was the drum sticks from the bunny that we destroyed! Who would know that there are enough drum sticks from a bunny to feed 8 kids and 2 adults!
The competitions were fun!

Using lances to slay dragons (Pictures of dragons on suspended 2 liter bottles) Archery, and jousting

The Black Knight doesn't stand a chance!

Even the parents competed on the Wobble Boards

Sunday, August 3, 2014

More of Day One

Being Knighted

  The knight was attacked! We must destroy the bunny that we all fear! The knights and fair lady blew him up (Monty Python style) and then according to Grandpa we ate him for dinner! It tasted amazingly like chicken!
I have a round dining room table that we explained was for "The knights of the round table" but when it was discovered that all the knights could not fit around it, we put in the leaves of the table and it was oval, thus we were the "Knights of the not-so-round table".
All meals were eaten with our hands and the food was served on platters and we had tin plates and goblets to eat on. Towels were used instead of napkins and the bread was torn apart instead of cut. I think the kids would like this type of dining all the time.
King Arthur leading a quest.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Noble Knights and Fair Ladies

Receiving Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake

The Fair Ladies and Noble Knights arrived at the castle on a bright and hot morning. Right away they were read the first quest from a scroll in the squire Patsy's bag.The mom's helped us get to the splash pad. They have all the car seats and extra pairs of eyes is necessary round water! We had a snack at the castle before leaving to get everyone on the same tummy schedule but ate at the park before going back. 
Even the youngest Knight

and fair lady had fun

Once back at the castle, the squire revealed who was to be King Arthur. He was knighted and then he in turn
The knighting of a king!
knighted and named the other knights. They were given a quest to find the grail. Of course this took some teaching about what mid-evil times were like and what a grail is!  

The afternoon was spent painting tunics, making shields, jousting and looking for the grail.
A Fair Lady indeed!
Each knight/lady pained their own tunic and made their own horses

The lances were used to slay a dragon

Monday, July 7, 2014


Kinda plain
Getting the invites out proved to be quite a production! Since I wanted them to resemble a royal decree, I knew they had to be a scroll. I know that the post office will mail about anything--for a price! It was much more fun to deliver in person! Addie did one group and then the net day I dressed in the same outfit and went to three more houses! The kids and their parents got a kick out of it. The invite and the tunic bears our family "crest" which is a combination of each families first letter of their last name. The helmet is a 4 qt. ice cream bucket spray painted black and the face shield is the portion that was cut for the face.
Grandpa was behind me as the kids answered the door he made the coconuts clanging together sound as I galloped forward! Is this how a self-respecting granny should behave? It was fun and I am always delighted that the kids are exited.


The electric burner was easier


The finished one, ready to roll.

Ready to deliver.
Addie was a good sport
and dressed up and read the decree. I love my assistants!( and their siblings of course)