Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Pictures 12/18/2010

We had family pictures taken as part of the annual Christmas Party. This is by far the best gift I could receive! It was cold, but all were present and cooperative most of the time. Each family did their own group shot aw well as each individual and couples. We all had red noses by the tie we were done but it was wonderful. I m so proud of my family and pictures are a great way to show them off! I am grateful to my son-in-laws sister who took our pictures.
I did it! I just printed my book Grandma Camp On A Budget. It turned out great! At least my children will have a legacy of me and know that I enjoy the times we have together. I just took it to a local printer for printing and binding. I am trying to sell the 25 copies I ordered and then maybe self-publish. This is a test to see if it is a good idea to self publish, I am not going to lay out a few hundred dollars to self-publish and then find no return.
I was able to cross this off my "bucket list".
What will you do this year to accomplish a goal?
I don't want to leave a mess for our children, so we are doing wills and organizing the paperwork that is important into a "family info" binder. Each of my children have been given one of their own binders to fill out as well as a copy of the location of the important documents of ours that they may need in case of death or emergency.
Hey, that's 2 things off my bucket list!