Thursday, October 27, 2011


Every year at a Sunday dinner close to Halloween, I serve something that is a little ghoulish. This year I had the kids make their own alien cupcakes. The hair (or arms) are chow mien noodles and the eyes are M&M's attached with a dab of frosting.

Last year we had road kill meatloaf with mashed potato ghosts.
The year before, spaghetti  and salad served in a mummy. The breadsticks were the femer bones and the salad dressing and parmesan were in the gloves which had to be pulled off to serve!
Honeydew mellon "brain"

Dinner served out of a mummy

Not too sure they wanted dinner!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Space Camp 2011

Flying saucer treats

Constructing the shuttle

Budget cuts and the heat made simple suits a must!

The Alien (aka Grandpa) offering krypton (home made slime) to power the shuttle back up.

Lunch(ables) in the shuttle

Emergency shute! Cardboard covered stairs and a cot cushion were a highlight.

weightlessness training

Shuttle races (note protective eyewear) with the children's hot air for the power supply.

We had so much fun this year! We went into space after building our own shuttle (named "RESCUE"). We gathered soil samples from the moon (moon sand), rescued rangers from an asteroid field, and met an alien (Grandpa) who gave us slime to fuel our ship. We also made our own patches, shot off rockets, raced mini shuttles, and the food was everything from a pouch. We even had Tang!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Book sales so far

I love to read everyone else's blogs but I am obviously not into blogging myself! Here's a little catch-up:
I have had a second batch of books to sell. I have done a Relief Society demo in a ward across town and received some very fun ideas from the women who attended and they were very fun to spend an evening with. I had been very nervous and had prepared for weeks in advance. My display was fairly extensive, but generated a lot of interest.
On June 4th I will be doing a 2 hour class at the Utah County Women in the Outdoors gathering. I am worried as to how I will fill a 2 hour span of time, but since I will be talking about something I enjoy and the children I love, it should be okay. I am sure that I will get a lot of great ideas also.

I will be showing some of the crafts and ideas that I have used like the one pictured.

This is a picture of the grands and my daughters doing a very time consuming but adorable craft from Safari Camp. They are making jungle animals using water bottles and tissue with a few embellishments. I was soooo glad the girls could stay to help!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Pictures 12/18/2010

We had family pictures taken as part of the annual Christmas Party. This is by far the best gift I could receive! It was cold, but all were present and cooperative most of the time. Each family did their own group shot aw well as each individual and couples. We all had red noses by the tie we were done but it was wonderful. I m so proud of my family and pictures are a great way to show them off! I am grateful to my son-in-laws sister who took our pictures.
I did it! I just printed my book Grandma Camp On A Budget. It turned out great! At least my children will have a legacy of me and know that I enjoy the times we have together. I just took it to a local printer for printing and binding. I am trying to sell the 25 copies I ordered and then maybe self-publish. This is a test to see if it is a good idea to self publish, I am not going to lay out a few hundred dollars to self-publish and then find no return.
I was able to cross this off my "bucket list".
What will you do this year to accomplish a goal?
I don't want to leave a mess for our children, so we are doing wills and organizing the paperwork that is important into a "family info" binder. Each of my children have been given one of their own binders to fill out as well as a copy of the location of the important documents of ours that they may need in case of death or emergency.
Hey, that's 2 things off my bucket list!