Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bowling Tournament

Why not host a Grandma Camp celebrating the interests or hobbies of those who have passed on. Each year we host a bowling tournament to honor my father and my husbands father.

There are traveling trophies (bowling pins, with the winners name and score) awarded for different age levels and catagories.

The bowling ball and pin clock is for the high series of all age groups. There is even a trophy for trick shot!

We have a pot-luck lunch of sandwiches, soup and salad. While everyone takes turns, the children watch a movie in another room or play in the toy room. It would be easy to turn this event into an overnight "camp". Invitations would of corse be the shape of a bowling pin. Breakfast of bowling ball pancakes is easy! A few drops of jam on the cooked pancake for the finger and thumb holes! You could give a short history of the deceased person you are honoring. The night before, the children could bowl with plastic pop bottles and a dollar store ball.
I am sure this could be a Beat the Winter Blahs Camp with a little planning and imagination!