Friday, May 6, 2011

Book sales so far

I love to read everyone else's blogs but I am obviously not into blogging myself! Here's a little catch-up:
I have had a second batch of books to sell. I have done a Relief Society demo in a ward across town and received some very fun ideas from the women who attended and they were very fun to spend an evening with. I had been very nervous and had prepared for weeks in advance. My display was fairly extensive, but generated a lot of interest.
On June 4th I will be doing a 2 hour class at the Utah County Women in the Outdoors gathering. I am worried as to how I will fill a 2 hour span of time, but since I will be talking about something I enjoy and the children I love, it should be okay. I am sure that I will get a lot of great ideas also.

I will be showing some of the crafts and ideas that I have used like the one pictured.

This is a picture of the grands and my daughters doing a very time consuming but adorable craft from Safari Camp. They are making jungle animals using water bottles and tissue with a few embellishments. I was soooo glad the girls could stay to help!