Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Candyland and Cooking School

2009 Theme was Candyland and cooking school. I was afraid there would not be enough activity associated with the theme that my assistants chose, so I added the cooking school.
The whole Camp was a sticky mess, but it was fun. The tour of a local candy company proved frustrating and time consuming. There was no production going on and the tour ended up being a 30 minute movie and a sample piece of candy! We drove 50 miles and needed an extra car for seat belts and it was not as fun as I had hoped.
At the end of camp the parents were taken on a tour of the board game activities that we had and got to load a bag with a sample of the candy and cake balls that we made.
The cake pictured was an adaptation of a sand castle one featured in Family Fun Magazine.
The children made their own pasta and sauces, sandwiches, etc. Making taffy would have been more fun if we had not been on a tight schedule. If I ever say "taffy" again, I'm sure the kids will run! We even made our own "gum drop" pinatas!


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