Monday, August 8, 2011

Space Camp 2011

Flying saucer treats

Constructing the shuttle

Budget cuts and the heat made simple suits a must!

The Alien (aka Grandpa) offering krypton (home made slime) to power the shuttle back up.

Lunch(ables) in the shuttle

Emergency shute! Cardboard covered stairs and a cot cushion were a highlight.

weightlessness training

Shuttle races (note protective eyewear) with the children's hot air for the power supply.

We had so much fun this year! We went into space after building our own shuttle (named "RESCUE"). We gathered soil samples from the moon (moon sand), rescued rangers from an asteroid field, and met an alien (Grandpa) who gave us slime to fuel our ship. We also made our own patches, shot off rockets, raced mini shuttles, and the food was everything from a pouch. We even had Tang!