Sunday, June 15, 2014


The camp assistants (and Grandpa!) conspired and decided that the theme this year is Holy Grail! Of the Monty Python variety! I figured I had better tone it down a little and do a milder version and call it Grandmalot after Camelot. we will have princesses and knights (ka nig its to Python fans). We will learn about the knights of the round table (I just happen to have a large, round, oak dining table) and about the various contests that were held at that time. The kids will have helmets out of gallon-sized ice cream buckets, javelins for jousting, and we will make a coat of arms flag. We have a family brand of sorts now that includes all the initial of all the families. We will be able to fly the flag at all family gatherings from here on out.
The assistants really want to follow the movie line! We will do some of the things but some are so silly we will not be doing. Does anyone fully "get" Monty Python? We will have a long hunt for the "grail" that will include crossing a bridge (you have to endure watching the movie to understand). We will have catapults for a contest with the parents when they come to pick them up.
Food will be pretty mid-evil too. Served on tin plates. Drumsticks, broccoli trees, anything to eat with our hands.
There are still a lot of details to work out and schedules to figure out. Grandpa is in charge of silly and I will take care of the rest! Wish me luck!