Friday, June 15, 2012

Swim Noodles!

The greatest thing ever! A value at only a buck! I loved them when I took water aerobics. Anything that keeps me buoyant is a good thing. Last year we used them at camp: I cut them in 3 inch sections and put a shoelace through the hole in the middle and strapped one to each of the kids shoes. These were their "Space Boots". This year I bought a stash to be used when the kids choose their own "Super Hero" power. It can be customized with duct tape to be a sword or laser. I recently saw an idea in Family Fun magazine that used them for all sorts of fun things including high jump posts. (Just in time for Olympics Camp if you are doing that this year). I have a feeling that next year we will create a marble track out of noodles split lengthwise. Invention Convention here we come! I have a feeling these versatile and cheap noodles will be a part of Grandma Camp for years to come! I bet a Halloween costume could be created..........

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