Friday, February 27, 2015

Bowling and "Chopped"


 This year my daughter had the idea to add a "Chopped" challenge. Everyone brought an assigned food item and then a 'surprise' ingredient was added to the mix. We divided into 3 groups. One group headed downstairs to use the wii, another in the kitchen to start the appetizer, and the third in the garage to use another wii out there.

We use one Wii in the heated garage and one in the basement so everyone can finish.

The first "Chopped" challenge was the appetizer using: bacon,
 green onions and apricot jam. The
surprise ingredient was Ritz crackers.
The main dish was Hawaiian meatballs on rice with asparagus
that was topped with , what else, Ritz cracker crust

The third group (appetizer) is in the kitchen cooking. 

He is convinced he is doing the bowling
Grandpa "plugging in" the power so Boston can bowl

His first trophy!

High series, high game children, children under 12, high game over 12, high game women, high game men.


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    1. I did my first "Gramma Camp" last year with a water theme. My grandkids were aged 2 months to 6 so it was a challenge coming up with four days of ideas for short attention spans! They had so much fun I am already planning this summer. We have added one more so I will have a 6 month old, a 14 month old, a 2 yr old, 5 year old twins and a just turned 7. I have decided on Cowboys and the Wild West! Creating those memories forever!!!!!