Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Grandma Camp 2016 Carsland

The drivers arrived with pit crew and smiles. Some brought their own cars and there were also some that Grandma had borrowed. The first order of business was to stow the drivers gear and get on the same snack schedule. I had made brownies and cute them rectangular and used red yellow and green M&M's to make them look like traffic lights (Thank you Pinterest!). Talk about gone in 60 seconds!
Test drive in the clean, one-owner
Libby wants  minivan.
Up next was  Grandpa acting as a used car salesman! He is always full of bologna so it was not much of stretch! And wouldn't you know the kid that is usually the one to find or make a mess was the one that "bought" the oldest and rustiest and wagon! No matter the condition, the price was a kiss and a hug for Grandpa.
The older kids (aka pit crew) and grandpa had gotten together the night before and constructed a car wash. It turned out great! The prices are a little high, but that is to be expected when it is all hand wash and detailed!

If you look close you can see the water dripping
Now that the cars are clean inside and out it was time to add some custom detailing. I thought that the drivers would want elaborate whole body cut outs over the wagon but they carried out a much simpler idea and it worked out wonderfully. As long as there were flames, the boys were happy and as long as there was purple the girls were good, Libby really did make hers into a min van. The mom's and the pit crew the over 12 assistants) were a great help! The custom seating was the cushions from the patio chairs.
We ate lunch and then took a drive on Route 66 (the nearby canyon) because it was time to move and have a change of scenery. It was cool in the canyon and the hike was short and easy. Once back to Grandma's it was time to race some Hot Wheels on the track that Braddock brought with cars that each boy brought from home. Dinner and every meal was finger foods (breakfast was French toast sticks) served in paper cups inside dollar store caddies that the drivers took home after camp. The caddies had three compartments and fir perfectly on the edge of the wagon. The popcorn, treat and drink at the "drive in movie" were also served in the caddies.
Addie conducted a driving school.
Pool noodles wrapped around and through the banister made  great marble race! The drivers enjoyed the traffic light ball toss too. The movie was Disney's "Cars" of course. We had two drivers that fell asleep at the wheel! (That's how you know there was enough activity for them!)
The tent had previously been put up in the backyard and everyone fell asleep real fast.

Day 2      Race Day!

To beat the heat, we had the race around 10 o'clock at the elementary school close by. The original plan was to race all the way around the school but when we got there, the school was getting some new air conditioning and so we had to scale down a bit. This didn't hurt Grandpa's feeling at all since he ended up as the engine power for Libby! The kids worn their bike helmets, sunglasses or goggles and had a pit crewman to provide power and of course, be the pit guy! Each wagon was fitted with black (dollar store) paper plates over the tires so that the pit crew could change tires.
Drivers, Start Your Engines!

 The first pit stop included window wash (spray bottle to wash the goggles) and fuel (pool noodle gas hose).

The 2nd pit stop was for the paper plate tire change. Grandpa skipped this one and then went on to the checkered flag.
After lunch, the kids packed and played in the tree house while the assistants and Grandma built a cardboard tunnel to race through downstairs, There were  couple of dead ends and it was necessary to use a flashlight to get through it. 
When the parents came, the kids were excited to have them go through the car wash! It was a little too much water with no drain in the bottom of the "car" Brett got to go through in. It required a different hind of detailing!
It wouldn't be Grandma Camp without a piñata!
The trophy's were a small block with a dollar store trophy (or party favor) with a car glued to the top. That's what the picture t the top of the post is. I think the smiles say they had a fun time. I sure loved every minute of it!

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  1. Glad you hit send! I look forward to your posts. This is a great theme. I have 6 grandsons between 1 and 9. This would be right up their alley. I will bookmark this for the future. What fun!!!!