Monday, July 7, 2014


Kinda plain
Getting the invites out proved to be quite a production! Since I wanted them to resemble a royal decree, I knew they had to be a scroll. I know that the post office will mail about anything--for a price! It was much more fun to deliver in person! Addie did one group and then the net day I dressed in the same outfit and went to three more houses! The kids and their parents got a kick out of it. The invite and the tunic bears our family "crest" which is a combination of each families first letter of their last name. The helmet is a 4 qt. ice cream bucket spray painted black and the face shield is the portion that was cut for the face.
Grandpa was behind me as the kids answered the door he made the coconuts clanging together sound as I galloped forward! Is this how a self-respecting granny should behave? It was fun and I am always delighted that the kids are exited.


The electric burner was easier


The finished one, ready to roll.

Ready to deliver.
Addie was a good sport
and dressed up and read the decree. I love my assistants!( and their siblings of course)



  1. Wonderful invitations!!! Worth all the work! And how much did the post office charge to mail a scroll?

  2. I did not mail them. I decided it was more fun to deliver in person.

    1. I know my daughter wanted to mail party invites attached to a flip flop - it was astronomical!!! I am a fairly new gramma and had my first gramma camp this summer. Pretty tame since they were preschoolers. You are an inspiration!