Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Noble Knights and Fair Ladies

Receiving Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake

The Fair Ladies and Noble Knights arrived at the castle on a bright and hot morning. Right away they were read the first quest from a scroll in the squire Patsy's bag.The mom's helped us get to the splash pad. They have all the car seats and extra pairs of eyes is necessary round water! We had a snack at the castle before leaving to get everyone on the same tummy schedule but ate at the park before going back. 
Even the youngest Knight

and fair lady had fun

Once back at the castle, the squire revealed who was to be King Arthur. He was knighted and then he in turn
The knighting of a king!
knighted and named the other knights. They were given a quest to find the grail. Of course this took some teaching about what mid-evil times were like and what a grail is!  

The afternoon was spent painting tunics, making shields, jousting and looking for the grail.
A Fair Lady indeed!
Each knight/lady pained their own tunic and made their own horses

The lances were used to slay a dragon

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