Sunday, August 3, 2014

More of Day One

Being Knighted

  The knight was attacked! We must destroy the bunny that we all fear! The knights and fair lady blew him up (Monty Python style) and then according to Grandpa we ate him for dinner! It tasted amazingly like chicken!
I have a round dining room table that we explained was for "The knights of the round table" but when it was discovered that all the knights could not fit around it, we put in the leaves of the table and it was oval, thus we were the "Knights of the not-so-round table".
All meals were eaten with our hands and the food was served on platters and we had tin plates and goblets to eat on. Towels were used instead of napkins and the bread was torn apart instead of cut. I think the kids would like this type of dining all the time.
King Arthur leading a quest.

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