Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day Two

The knights and ladies slept well in the castle (tent) after watching "The Sword and the Stone". Dinner was the drum sticks from the bunny that we destroyed! Who would know that there are enough drum sticks from a bunny to feed 8 kids and 2 adults!
The competitions were fun!

Using lances to slay dragons (Pictures of dragons on suspended 2 liter bottles) Archery, and jousting

The Black Knight doesn't stand a chance!

Even the parents competed on the Wobble Boards


  1. I am delighted to have discovered you through Nina's link party at Grandma Ideas. We have similar goals for making fun for our families! Your grandchildren are adorable and very fortunate to have you in their lives! Best wishes on Camp 2015!

  2. Now that looks like a whole lot of fun.