Friday, July 31, 2015


Finally got together quickly with the assistants! I have four this year and for the next couple years. It sure makes it easier. Grandpa just had a hip replacement surgery, so he is not able to do all that he usually does. He is trying to help as much as possible.
When we got together, I hauled out the scrapbook of Grandma Camps past and had the kids look at the last time we did Olympics to get some ideas. They had fun laughing at how little they were back then. This will be the first year that we have repeated a theme ad I thought for sure that they would want to do entirely new things. To my surprise, they chose to do the same events and a few more! That made it even easier!
I found some medals at the dollar store already on red, white, and blue ribbon. They are all gold though. If I get ambitious, I will paint some silver and bronze. Highly unlikely at this late date.
Once again, my favorite prop to use will be pool noodles!
The athletes will arrive and choose a country to represent from among the flags on a party decoration plastic banner. I will do some Internet surfing to determine which countries these flags are from and a little fun information on each one. Each flag is repeated on the banner which work out great since one flag will be attached to a dowel for the athlete to carry and post during opening ceremonies, and a second one to have pinned to each child's shirt as a uniform.
We will be going to a slash pad to do an obstacle course and have lunch on the first morning. Then back home to do a few events.
We will all cook dinner, the kids eat better if they are in on the prep. Each meal ill be from a different continent. We will emphasize eating well and staying hydrated.
I haven't got a clue as to what movie about athletes would entertain them all (aged 15 to 3). But I will get it figured out soon.
Saturday will be all fun and games! The camp will end with a the parents arrival at the medals ceremony where we will have pot luck dinner and piƱata.
I will put the games and pictures on after camp next weekend!


  1. Great Theme for Gramma Camp! You are so lucky to have your assistants. I just finished my camp last Saturday. My oldest just turned 7, but we titled him "counselor in training". He is great at holding his cousin's hands and they look up to him! I hope to start posting pictures of our Wild West Camp and look forward to hearing about yours!

  2. This is great! I completed my first grandma camp last June but didn't have a theme. I think one would make it really special. You think of every small detail. That's a great way for kids to learn how something successful requires careful advance planning. Looking forward to new posts!